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What is the value of a landscape design?



Designer Landscapes are invaluable in many ways. Taking the time to draw out alternative designs enables you to maximise the value of your land and it's functionality long term. A plan ensures you're confident of the construction costs and the value for money you'll receive. A design by Outlandish Landscapes is always carefully considered and tailored specifically for your needs plus the wider environment it sits within.

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By going through a design process on paper you avoid costly mistakes and average results that might happen by making it up as you go along during construction. On paper you can experiment with different layout options. Some ideas you would probably never imagine while standing in front of the current lay of the land. Working to a plan you can ensure every part is perfectly sized to add up to a spectacular result even if it is constructed over several years in stages. Design drawings act as visual plans for property owners and finance providers to agree to. They enable you to forge ahead with confidence.

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property value

It’s no secret that good quality landscaping boosts property values. Starting with the functionality and low maintenance but beyond that is the emotional reaction people have to pleasant surroundings, especially trees and greenery - you just can’t put a price on it. Ask property valuers and real estate agents and they all agree that street trees, outdoor living spaces and pretty gardens are easy selling features. You can always tell the difference between an outdoor space that has been designed properly and one that has been made up adhoc.

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Design fees

Design fees vary considerably depending on a range of variables such as what type of input you really need, the complexity of the site and the design challenge of what you want to achieve. These are some typical prices for a residential property: 

  • Initial Consultation. One hour. $75 Book Now
  • Strategy (just notes, no design drawings) $600
  • Concept Design from $2200
  • Landscape Design from $2900 (includes Concept Design)
  • Planting Plan $3600 (includes Landscape Design.

Commercial, Public, and Rural property design fees are more variable. More specific design services are available depending on your unique situation for example a Plant Species Selection without a planting plan. 

An obligation free price proposal will be created for you after your initial consultation.

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construction costs

Detailed design drawings enable you to source accurate estimates and quotes from suppliers and contractors. I can provide you with contact details of local businesses that can help you in this area or I can do the running around for you. When you engage a contractor, a set of plans is vital for ensuring they build it exactly what you want. Plans prevent miscommunications and resolve debate about what was agreed to. A plan to point at and scribble changes on speeds up the process of communication instead of trying to explain with gestures and pencil marks on blocks of wood.

If you're planning a new build on bare ground, a good starting point is to allocate 20% of your budget for landscaping.