Outlandish Landscapes
designs for human habitats
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Design, in any context, is coming up with a plan, a strategy, a carefully thought-out set of ideas articulated visually. It’s an efficient method of creating something exceptional.
— Kirsten Wilson

The process

Below is a typical process for completing an extra-ordinary design just for you and your piece of paradise. We can tailor this process to suit what you need.


Create your own mood board with Pinterest and share it with me. OUTLANDISH PINTEREST BOARDS.


These are a few challenges that I come across regularly. You can get a head start by thinking about what they might mean to you.

Spouses often have quite different preferences for what they think will work in their backyard. My job is to find the middle ground, or provide professional advice on which option will work the best.  

Outdoor living areas like patios and decks are often constructed at the same time as the house but more often than not, they're too small. You need at a width of 4m to comfortably fit an outdoor dining table with chairs and room for people to move around.

Which plants are good and which ones are bad? Plenty of weeds start out as garden plants but they grow too well and take over. This is a great little booklet and online resource to select better plants and avoid infecting our lovely country with more invasive plant species.