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Kirsten Wilson

Landscape Architect Kirsten Wilson


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Firstly I don’t like rhododendrons, camelias or buxus hedging. They are traditional garden plants. I like to design modern outdoor spaces. Having said that, I will use buxus hedging in certain places that call for it.

I’m a trained and qualified Landscape Architect from Lincoln Unversity. Landscape Architecture is more than garden design aesthetics. It’s about the human experience and the value or meaning we hold for landscapes. Then combining that with environemental integrity.

Photo by Richard Brown

Photo by Richard Brown

I’m a big fan of Timaru and South Canterbury. The Timaru Hearld regularly print my letters to the editor. I’m a member of the South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce and I was a part of the original CBD focus group.

I’m not related to Ashburton’s Landscape Architect, Phillipa Wilson. We just share a common surname.

Hand drawing is the best way to get a good quality design instead of using computer software. It enables designers to investigate all possibilities without limitation. Until recently I presented all my designs hand drawn. I still design by hand but present finished drawings using computer software because it’s more efficient, especially for edits and updates.

My design methodology combines your aesthetic preferences with quality design process. My designs tend to exhibit midcentury modern type elements. Sometimes bold and unusual but always timeless by prioritising functionality. They’re balanced but rarely symmetrical. I enjoy clever, fun and interesting design solutions, especially the sublime. That’s what it takes to be and Outlandish designer.