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Kirsten Wilson

About the Landscape Architect Kirsten Wilson


Kirsten Wilson

I trained as a Landscape Architect in 2008 - 2010 at Lincoln University. I've worked for 2degrees mobile planning the cellphone tower network and also for MWH; an engineering company designing large motorways.  Now that I'm self employed I design anything to do with landscapes from residential gardens to carparks and public spaces, even children's playgrounds,

I'm particularly fond of the sublime and outrageous landscape designs that make you stop and stare. Wildlife and the environment are important but they don't have to be boring or messy. 

I’m a big fan of Timaru and South Canterbury. The Timaru Hearld regularly print my letters to the editor. I’m a member of the South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce and I was a part of the original CBD focus group.

I design everything by hand to get the best results but these days I present my design ideas in computer generated drawings for efficiency.

My unique design methodology combines your aesthetic preferences with a quality design process to reach the best solution. My designs exhibit mid-century modern type elements, sometimes bold and unusual but always timeless by prioritising functionality. I enjoy clever, fun and interesting design solutions, that's what it takes to be and Outlandish designer.