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Landscape Architecture


Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture is the art of designing any plot of land to suit the people that use it. Landscape Architecture involves understanding how people perceive spaces around them, how they use it, need it and enjoy outdoor areas.  Woven into all designs are additional facilities such as, ecological function and environmental qualities.  Landscape Designs include any of the following components and meshing them together with style and cleverness.

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Plants bring landscapes to life literally. They tickle all five of our senses at same time as providing numerous other functions such as structure, shelter, food for you and for wildlife. Plants are dynamic, they never stop growing and changing. By understanding how plants operate, you can have a lot of fun with plants. They're the most exciting part of any landscape design. Outlandish Landscapes uses a combination of native and exotic plants to make the most of their best qualities.

Hardscape Surfaces

Anything from gravel, stones and paving to tiles, decking and concreting the ground plane allows people to move around with ease. The shape, colour, texture and style creates the stage for your lifestyle. Anything that is permeable is preferable as it allows storm water to enter back into the ground water instead of rushing into a drain and out to sea.

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Level Changes

Slope, ramp, steps and retaining walls are all ways to manage level changes. This is where we use a lot of mathematics to ensure we get it right from top to bottom. Any height change is an opportunity to craft dynamic distinction between spaces and views. Steps are subject to the NZ building code and retaining walls need to be constructed properly to prevent slumping and failure. Retaining walls over 1500mm tall require input from an engineer while anything over 1000mm tall requires something to prevent falls.