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These are a few of the projects I'm most proud of.


Pallet pavilion - Gap filler - christchurch

Post earthquake in Christchurch a community organisation called Gap Filler engaged a team of designers including Outlandish Landscapes to come up with a temporary outdoor venue space constructed from shipping pallets. It was designed to be flexible for any kind of use and open to the public 24/7. The space was so popular, Christchurch raised enough funds to keep it running for two summers before it was dismantled. Every piece of its construction was designed so that it could be deconstructed with very little wastage and the shipping pallets resumed their worldly travels.



Back yard make over

My very first garden design while I was still studying Landscape Architecture at Uni. A landscaper and I built it during my winter break. We removed a lot of scrappy garden and shifted the sloping ground into three shallow terraces defined with perfect curves installed by 'kwik kerb'. We made raised vegetable garden beds from heavy duty macrocarpa and moved the washing line out of sight but still in full sunshine. With all the rocks we dug up, we created a rock garden to resolve the difference in height from the spa pool pad and the house.



The commons - speech bubble lawn - christchurch

In a city of gravel and diggers, there needed to be some green. This is the same location that the Pallet Pavilion stood. The site is now called The Commons and is run by a group of community organisations, primarily Gap Filler. They engaged me again to help them reorganise the site after the Pallet Pavilion was deconstructed. The main feature is this reverse perspective visual illusion; a large area of grass that makes the shape of a speech bubble when you stand at one end.

Other Design Projects Recently Completed.

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